0224-TeriLynn-140515Might the topic of Infidelity, Cheating and Betrayal be something your group, organization or conference attendees would find beneficial?

Consider the statistic that anywhere from 25% to 70% (depending on the study you subscribe to) of marriages (not including non married couples) will endure an infidelity at some point in the relationship.

Given the commonality (Ashley Madison anyone?) the emotional damage that occurs and the lack of genuine healing in the aftermath, then you might wonder if this is in fact one of the more important topics.

Being cheated on is something we so deeply fear, that the very subject itself is often swept under the rug. We may entertain a few well meaning experts on “How to prevent infidelity” but once is has happened, most people get lost in shame, embarrassment and emotional turmoil. The cheater is scorned and villified with little hope of understanding and healing what motivated them to seek it.  The person betrayed is often left broken an victimized with little real healing, or worse…..bitter, angry and lashing out with vengence on the grounds of being justified in their actions.  While at the same time, only hurting themselves further.  The emotional turmoil is rarely talked about in a productive and healthy way and very few people are able to truly heal and find joy again.

Considering all of this, as well as the prevalence, the topic of how to heal from infidelity might be the single most important topic you bring to your group.  Though it may be a topic rarely requested due to the shame and embarrassment, it may be the one session during your event that is most attended, garners the most appreciation and facilitates a level of healing that could have never been anticipated.

I believe that being betrayed can be the best thing that has ever happened to you. It is my mission to teach women AND men (cheaters and those cheated on) how to uncover the gifts that are contained within it.  They are numerous and they are gifts that can change the world.

Changing the paradigm of how we think about infidelity, asking the right questions and coming to a deeper understanding of the causes can bring tremendous healing and new life to those who have been broken by it. ‎ It doesn’t have to happen TO you. In fact, I believe it has happened FOR you.

Enlightening audiences about Infidelity and Betrayal is not only my great passion, it is something I was called to. To provide a level of understanding, forgiveness and genuine healing‎ is one of my missions in life.

Teri Lynn

Teri Lynn has spoken to groups ranging far and wide.  Government agencies, Fortune 500 companies, local organizations and small, intimate groups.  She has been seen on HGTV, local news stations and in newspapers and magazines across the country.