0287-TeriLynn-140515Do you need help navigating this nightmare you have found yourself in?  Most of us do.  We need guides when we are navigating life’s most challenging journeys. People who have been there.  People who have not simply traveled the path, but traveled it successfully.

Contrary to what we sometimes feel, asking for help shows our strength, not our weakness.  It shows our wisdom.  It shows our ability to be vulnerable.  The ability to be vulnerable is, in fact, GENUINE strength.  Stoicism, false bravado, keeping a stiff upper lip…..all of these things are simply masks to cover the pain.  Being brave enough to actually journey THROUGH the pain and FEEL it, is what strength is.  That level of growth often requires help.

I’m here to walk with you through this.  I work one on one, in groups and with the materials and videos I create to try and shed light on the topic of betrayal.  To bring REAL healing.

If you would like personal coaching, whether it’s just one session or more consistent help, I am here for you.  Please bear with me while I am in the creation process of some coaching packages to better serve you!  In the meantime, you my email me directly at [email protected] or, click the red button above to schedule a free 30 minute consult with me.

When you first discover you have been betrayed, the intial stages can make it seem like every day is an eternity.  You may feel like you need help by the hour.  Therefore, with all of my packages, the frequency of your sessions with me are determined by you. Weekly help is standard.  But if you need daily, or even more frequent than that, you can feel safe in that need.  Provided the scheduling works, I will be here for you at the times that you need it most.

Lastly, we can work together however you feel most comfortable. Whether that is face to face (if you are local) via skype, facetime etc. or over the phone if that feels more comfortable for you.

For those of you who are not able to work with me directly, the materials and videos I am creating are my attempt to make sure that you still get the help, support and inspiration you need.  So stay tuned.  As a single mother, who spent years struggling after her divorce, I know intimately the anguish of needing something that you can not afford.  You may also find me on Periscope (a live video streaming app available online) every week offering support, education and answering your direct questions.  My handle is Teri [email protected]  If you click the blue Perisope icon button in the header above, it will take you right to my page.

I look forward to walking your journey with you,

Teri Lynn